Dying for Peace


Why do we live fearing death?

Hiding everyday at the thought of it skulking around every corner,

Waiting for it to come and steal away your hopes and dreams

Praying every night to see another day

Praying for it not to come for you that day

But why?

We think of death as the end of being

When actually it’s the very beginning of everything,

The beginning of an eternity of being at peace

Death could be when we finally live, how do we know

That it isn’t when our spirits are finally allowed to grow

I welcome death with open arms

What better way to be than to be completely free

Free from hurt and pain,

Free from confusion and frustration,

Free from fear and delusions.

We are controlled by death,

Even the mere thought of it

Our lives are blanketed by fear

But our fears have been misplaced,

Because we should not fear death at all,

Through all I’ve seen, living is far more dangerous,

Negativity waits around every corner

Waits to damage and scar your soul

To rip from you your peace and joy

To slowly ravage and devour your spirit,

And death,

Death is but a release from all pain…

So is it really death we fear?

Or is it a cloak to cover up our fear of living?

I welcome death…with open arms.


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