Thought for the Day

I’m finished with my job for today but I haven’t stared working yet. I used to work at in office, sitting at a desk, doing repetitive mind-numbing work all day. I don’t do that anymore. Now I work for a property management company as a resident manager. I just happened upon this type of work while I was looking for something to free me from my seemingly never-ending sentence as an office worker. I worked full time there as opposed to now where I work only part time.

I could have stayed at my office job and continued to allow it to suck the life out of me but there has always been something in me that told me that sort of thing just isn’t right. Not for me, at least; it’s okay for some people because it’s what they enjoy. I left that job so I could spend more of my time pursuing my dreams and doing things that really made me happy. Problem with that is that it is mighty difficult to follow your dreams with no money. Why is that? Doesn’t that seem just wrong, I mean I know everyone has to work for what they want and I feel like if it’s important to you you’ll put in the effort, but at the same time why is it harder to do what you love and make money than it is for you to spend your time doing bullshit and be just fine? That’s so backwards to me.

I really don’t think that we as human being on this planet were put here to spend our days staring at a computer screen for nine hours whilst doing something you hate and taking orders from some asshole who is almost as dumb as a box of rocks. It really doesn’t seem fair. I have watched people with great potential waste away in cubicles because they couldn’t figure a way out or because they felt like they were too old to start something new or to chase their dream or because they were so concerned about making sure they had security. I understand all of these things but I just don’t believe we were put here to spend our lives being miserable and doing things we hate to do. That would make life pretty pointless. I think we as people have a higher calling than that. It’s hard to convince others of that though. I think people get so stuck in their “life bubbles” they can’t really even see anything else.

There was a woman at my job, she was about 41 years old and one day I asked her why she was working there, because she clearly didn’t care for her job. She said to me, “Because I wouldn’t know what to do if I wasn’t here,” so I asked her what she would rather be doing; what did she enjoy? Before I tell you what her answer was, I’ll tell you how the conversation went. She told me that she was ashamed of what she did for a living, that it made her feel like she was nothing and it didn’t help that her husband had a very lucrative career; as did most of the members of his family, which she saw regularly. She said she would be embarrassed when her in-laws would come over and everyone was talking about what they did and what-not.  So, with that being said, I asked her, if she hated her job so much why didn’t she just do something else, something that she wanted to do and something that would make her feel good about herself. She said,”I’m 41 years old and I wouldn’t even know where to start.” Okay, so back to what she wanted to do…she said she always wanted to be a private investigator. I was like “really, that’s awesome, so why don’t you do that?” She didn’t really have an answer for me except for her job being in the way. I went home that evening and looked online for some schools that offered PI courses online and wrote them down. I took them to work the next day and gave them to her. Two weeks later she told me she was going to enroll in school and go while she worked and as soon as she was done she was going to quit that job and be a PI. I was so happy for her. And strangely I had this same conversation with my boss and her sister who worked there also (and was a licensed attorney btw) two weeks before I reassigned, she quit three months later and her sister quit right after. All I said to them was, “Why are you here?” How come some people don’t want to talk to you after you ask them that? I wonder.

I didn’t mean to go on a rant about this and the whole point of me saying anything at all about this was that I really think the world would be a better place if the people in it were happier within themselves. Is that wrong? I just think we are more than our jobs and our bills and our meetings and deadlines and all the other stuff we do that will mean absolutely NOTHING when it comes down to it…


7 responses to “Thought for the Day

  1. That is so true. Just inagine how great the world would be if everyone would be doing what they love as an occupation. I know that I do wht I love, and when I am doing that I put so much thought, compassion, and I just want it to be great. What ever you do and who ever you do with out love and compassion for it, it becomes slavery!

  2. So true,and just to add to that, if the whole world would have an occupation that they love, that job would be done better. Just imagine and know how much passion and thought you put into something you love. Everyting in the world would be great!

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